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Interview with talented ANDREEA BOGDAN

Editorial PortofolioPosted by Ana Wed, January 25, 2017 10:57:20
Andreea Bogdan is a fashion photographer and vintage lover. Read my interview with her here.

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Ghostwriting Wizardry

Editorial PortofolioPosted by Ana Wed, January 25, 2017 10:34:03

Felt like a teen when I wrote this one, had to!

Your backpack will be your best buddy through your school

years and maybe even after, so when getting one, consider

it carefully. Whatever you pick, it’s bound to express you or

your personality, so here are 8 ways to make sure it stands

out from the crowd:

1. Give your backpack the rock’n’roll treatment.

A super easy way to make your backpack noticeable is by

applying colourful pins and badges. There are so many

options out there, you can showcase your favourite bands

and teams or whatever else you might be hooked on at the

moment. Dig through those old boxes and find all your pins

from games, concerts or festivals and put them to good use!

They’ll give your backpack that rock’n’roll touch you’ve been

looking for!

2. Patch away!

If patches used to have a purpose, nowadays they mostly

make stuff look cool, so why not sticking them on your

backpack? Iron-on patches are fun and easy to use and you

can find everything you can think of, no matter what your

hobbies are. Besides, if you’re not happy with the market

offer, you can custom your own patches. Celebrate that

walking-on-air moment with your best friend by designing a

patch that you will both have as a memory. Let your

creativity take over!

3. Follow the rebel in you!

Studs and spikes can come in handy if you want to give your

backpack a more metal-punk look. They’re inexpensive,

easy to find and to apply. You can either stud the outline of

the backpack, work on the pockets or go nuts and apply

them everywhere, in any form, whatever rocks your socks.

4. Style it up with a bandana

Bandanas are cool and have always been, either if you

choose to style your hair up, try on a cowboy look or if you

just tie them to your backpack. You can go for classic

colours or find some with your favourite slogans and bands.

There are a couple of ways to pimp your backpack with a

bandana: tie it to one of the pockets and let it flow freely,

wrap the entire handle in it or sew it on as a triangle or

square to give the backpack colour and shape. No matter if

you go for a bandana or a colourful scarf, the effect will

definitely be eye-catching.

5. Make it official - put your name on it!

If you wanna make things more personal, don’t stop with

pins, patches and bandanas, get inspired by what singles

you out the most: your name! Monogramming accessories

are super popular these days, they come in so many

different styles and will surely make your backpack stand

out. Don’t take too much time when choosing where to

attach them, play with them on the backpack until they fall

right into place. Combine them with pins and patches and

you’ll have a winner. If you choose to DYI, use a fabric

marker and doodle away - you might get surprised by your

own drawing skills.

6. Make it playful, give it some charm

No matter how many pins and patches your backpack

carries, you can always add some more fun to it. A charm

will easily do the job. It can be practical like a compass, a

whistle or a cute, tiny notepad that can come to your rescue

when you least expect it. Or, íf you’re not the scout type, you

can easily make do with fluffy alternatives, souvenirs or


7. Make it glamorous!

If you’re the glamorous type, don’t hold your breath! There

are a lot of options for the little princess in you, your

backpack can get a total makeover. Plastic gems or sparkly

rhinestones can be exactly what you need to transform your

backpack into a glamorous accessory. Attach them to the

sides or to the pockets, write the name of your favourite

concert to make sure you’ll always remember it or add the

initials of the boy that makes your heart melt, no one will

know, it’s your secret!

8. Make it eye-catching with hot ribbon!

If you’re into simple shapes and you want to keep your

design minimalistic, you can use hot ribbon and still give

your backpack a new, eye-catching look. You can either tie

the ribbons together, add them to the zippers, attach them

on the pockets or you might just want to glue them on.

Whether you recreate that cool mountain view from your last

summer camp or come up with a new geometrical shape,

hot ribbons work in a pinch without taking away from the

style of your beloved backpack.

Whatever you finally choose: pins or patches, gems or

studs, ribbons or bandanas, you’ll have a personalized, cool

backpack, a conversation starter that won’t cease to

impress. One thing is sure, there are no rules when it comes

to pimping it up, don’t be afraid to fly your so called freak


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Some copywriting wizardry:

Editorial PortofolioPosted by Ana Mon, November 21, 2016 10:46:23

Dear sunny weather,

Please stick around! Thanks to Veet’s new Essential Inspirations all natural line - we’re

ready to wear that skirt that’s been hidden in the back of our closet for too long!

Image copy: So ready for summer!

Where’s your next weekend getaway? May’s long weekends are the best excuse for sunkissed holidays – Spray it on….. and show off those nice legs!

Image copy: Show off those nice legs!

This is our idea of a night-in.What’s your perfect recipe for a girls’ night to remember?

Image copy: A night with your best friends.

Veet Silk&Fresh gives you silky legs that go perfectly together with your summer’s

adventure. Enjoy the sunshine!

Image copy: Summer ready: Sunnies, Suncream, Veeted - Checked!

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Weekends in Sweden

Editorial PortofolioPosted by Ana Wed, October 26, 2016 13:02:27
Adventures in Småland

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On a date with the Sea

Photography PortofolioPosted by Ana Wed, October 26, 2016 12:56:27

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By the Sea

Photography PortofolioPosted by Ana Wed, October 26, 2016 12:51:49

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