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Ana's Portfolio

Some copywriting wizardry:

Editorial PortofolioPosted by Ana Mon, November 21, 2016 10:46:23

Dear sunny weather,

Please stick around! Thanks to Veet’s new Essential Inspirations all natural line - we’re

ready to wear that skirt that’s been hidden in the back of our closet for too long!

Image copy: So ready for summer!

Where’s your next weekend getaway? May’s long weekends are the best excuse for sunkissed holidays – Spray it on….. and show off those nice legs!

Image copy: Show off those nice legs!

This is our idea of a night-in.What’s your perfect recipe for a girls’ night to remember?

Image copy: A night with your best friends.

Veet Silk&Fresh gives you silky legs that go perfectly together with your summer’s

adventure. Enjoy the sunshine!

Image copy: Summer ready: Sunnies, Suncream, Veeted - Checked!

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